IHS JAG Students show off their medals after the Conference at UNM

Congratulations to the JAG students at Independence High School. The program students recently participated in the New Mexico JAG Career Development Conference at the University of New Mexico. In total, the group walked away with six placements….two first place, two second place and two third place.

  • Abdiel (Hiram) Hernandez Duarte won first place in the Career Preparation event
  • Lamberto Falcon Ramirez and Gavin Shannon won first place in the Chapter Manual event
  • Carlos Melendrez won second place in the Financial Literacy event
  • Taylar (Lei) Wright and Annarose Campa won second place for the Creative Decision Making event
  • Rey Martinez-Swart won third place for Financial Literacy
  • Avery Brandau and Julian Garcia won third place for the Project Based Learning (PBL) event

We are so proud of all of our JAG students at Independence High School, great job to all of you!