Final Exam Text

You must be here on Wednesday, October 6th, in order to take your final exams.  Please note that no exams will be given virtually, you must be present, and in the building IN PERSON to take your exams.  If you know you will not be here on the 6th, please make arrangements with your teachers to make up your final exams after October 6th.  No final exams will be given prior to October 6th.  

Final Exam Schedule for Fall 2021

Zero Hour (optional) --- 7:00am - 7:40am

1st Block --- 7:45am - 8:53am 

2nd Block --- 8:56am - 10:05am

Lunch --- 10:07am - 10:38am

3rd Block --- 10:40am to 11:48am

4th Block --- 11:51am - 1:00pm

5th Block (optional) ---- 1:03pm - 1:40pm