Yearbook Information and Superlative Voting

Yearbook Information
Yearbook SalesAttention all!  The Independence High School 2020 yearbook is currently in the works!  That means it's time to order yours soon!  There's just over two months to order your yearbook, but the sooner the better!  

Our theme this year fits in perfectly with the new decade and is simply designed like the Great Gatsby.  That means simple colors, fancy borders, and lots of gold!  

If you would like to order, click the link HERE or simply copy and paste the link below into your browser window!

The cost this year is $26 (which is $3 more than last year but believe the yearbook staff when we say, it's worth it!)  There's no need to bring money to school, simply pay online at the link above and we'll have your order in by May 1st to be handed out!  If you would like more information please email the IHS Yearbook Staff at with any questions or comments.  

If you would like to share your photos with the yearbook so you can see your masterpieces in the yearbook, we are currently running a photo competition! Parents and students are encouraged to share any photos they have taken this school year with the Yearbook Staff so we can incorporate your memories into the yearbook for all to have.  More info below to tell you about our photo contest!! 

Any photos shared with the email address above before February 14th will be entered into a contest to win Visa gift cards.  Yearbook staff will pick the top 5 photos submitted and put it up to a school vote with the top 3 winners announced on February 28st!  Please send photos to and enter in quick!