Welcome to the Independence High School
Counseling Department

Mission Statement

The role of the counselor is to assist all students through a comprehensive counseling program to reach their academic goals and obtain the social, emotional, and academic skills to be prepared for the 21st century.

Contact information:

Jennifer Cook, LPCC

Phone: (505) 338-4658 ext. 53834

Social Worker:
Shanae Satriana, LMSW

Phone: (505) 338-4658 ext. 53833

Counseling Goals

Academic - Increase graduation rate by 15%.

Career - Increase the number of students exposed to career and college options through credentialing, Naviance, and JAG. 

Personal/Social - Use individual and group counseling to support student success by improving resliliency and coping skills using the CCR curriculum in credentialing monthly.


Expected Student Outcomes

Academic - Students will understand IHS graduation requirements and their own progress towards graduation through their Next Step Plan (NSP).  

Career - Students will identify career goals and opportunities through a variety of sources including information presented by various colleges and military branches, Naviance, and programs such as JAG and credentialing.

Personal/Social - Students will utilize healthy coping skills introduced through counseling, mediation and CCR lessons presented in credentialing.


Student Services provided by IHS Counseling Department


Independence High School’s counseling team is committed to implementing a comprehensive counseling program designed to serve all students.  Counselors work closely with parents, staff, and administrators to ensure that effective strategies are employed to meet student success and achievement. The following services are available to all students and are often student-initiated.


Individual Counseling

  • Career and Academic
  • Social and Behavioral
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Other barriers that prevent academic success

Group Counseling

Support Groups will be conducted throughout the year on an as needed basis.

 Programs and Supports

  • Parent/student/teacher conferences
  • Teacher/student conferences
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) through Early Warning System (EWS) and Section 504 plans
  • Resource Information for community agencies and counseling centers
  • Credentialing- done with every student to help them understand their progress towards graduation and what goals they would like to meet each school year
  • GRADS program for teen parents
  • JAG program (Jobs for Americas Graduates)
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Navianace and Next Step Plans
  • College/Career Awareness
  • CCR Curriculum
  • Coordinate mentorship of students through the district mentoring program
  • Health fair presentations


  • Support creation of the master schedule
  • Registration
  • Student schedules ready before school begins
  • Orientation
  • Transcript review
  • Student schedules created quarterly
  • Ongoing individual student schedules as students complete self-paced classes

Staff Development and Support

  • Strengths-based interventions and resiliency
  • Team building
  • Assist staff with student issues through EWS and teacher referral
  • Section 504
  • Staff training and presentations at staff meetings